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Tile and grout cleaning
Quality pressure cleaning hard surfaces

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Have you tried to clean the floors yourself but they still don't look clean?
It might be time to book a Citrus Clean deep clean and stain removal service and let our trained technicians make your floors like new again!

Hard floor and grout stains can be notoriously difficult to remove without the help of a professional. Dirt and grime also gets into the hard to reach places and scum can be built up and baked on from the weather over time. 

Citrus Clean use commercial grade machines which use a combination of high pressure together with heat extraction. 

Tiles are porous, meaning they have pores, like our skin.  The Citrus Clean process extracts contaminants from the pores of your tiles and grout leaving a lasting finish that is impeccably clean.

A Citrus Clean pressure clean will lift the soils and contaminates out and bring the floor and grout back to life with a shine and sanitise leaving them sparkling clean.

It is recommended to add in a professional clean to your regular cleaning routine, especially for the high traffic areas. This cleaning regime will prolong the life of your flooring asset.

Citrus Clean Central Coast offers a tile and grout cleaning service that is second to none. Our fully trained technicians can remove built-up dirt, grime and mould, returning your tiled surfaces to new again.

Talk to us about that trouble spot or challenging surface. It’s time to lift ALL of the grime off your tiles and grout, give our team a call for a free quote.

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Heavy Duty

High traffic areas like foyers, halls and entry ways as well as food service areas take enormous punishment. Keeping them looking pristine and hygienic which is key to a good first impression and vital to your reputation.

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All Surface types

At Citrus Clean we specialise in carpet, curtains, upholstery, hard floors and tile and grout cleaning for commercial spaces. Using the latest technology we dissolve and extract contaminants and residue from carpet, fabric and tiled surfaces leaving them sanitised and citrus fresh.

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Timely & Trustworthy

Closing off areas for cleaning can be disruptive to your business and clientele. Central Coast Citrus Clean schedules our services around your peak periods and internal deadlines. Our qualified technicians are police and security screened. Our team will operate in your establishment with minimal disruption wherever possible.