How much do you really know about water damage repair?

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A flood or storm water causes damage to your property and stress is at an all-time high and time is of the essence. We recommend acting immediately to avoid long term damage setting in. Here are our top tips on what to do first.

Stormwater, groundwater flood damage, the washing machine or hot water heater dies and leaves you with water inundation. To avoid carpet rot and to save the damaged carpet you will need heavy-duty and commercial-grade speciality equipment to extract and dry the carpets followed by cleaning and odour removal and then sanitization.

The water heater dies, or a plumbing leak leaves your home, office or business waterlogged and the carpet and floors soaked. A flood or stormwater causes damage to your property and stress is at an all-time high and time is of the essence.  We recommend acting immediately to avoid long term damage setting in.

Here at Citrus Clean Central Coast, we can come straight out to site because we know only too well that the quicker you remedy the water damage, the better.  We also do after-hours water damage repair callouts because this incident often happens in the middle of the night right!

Our top tips for first things to do:

  • Deal with the water source (if you can) i.e. turn off water mains
  • Unplug and remove anything electrical in the affected area
  • Call an expert for performing water damage extraction and restoration
  • If plumbing related, call the plumber
  • Notify your insurer, landlord, agent, customers (signage and section off for businesses)
  • Remove furniture (if you can) to enable access and this also helps stop further damage to furniture but also helps reduce the risk of stains bleeding into the soft furnishings
  • Wet/dry vacuum (if you have one) can take some of the water however you will still need a professional for full water extraction
  • Open windows (if it’s sunny out) or put fans on while you wait for the professionals
  • Remove as much water as you can (safely of course) absorption with towels and buckets, whatever works
  • For small areas of carpet damage (if you can easily) peel or liftback the corner of the carpet to air out the underlay

We recommend getting an expert on-site as soon as the leak or damage is discovered. Citrus Clean can quickly and honestly assess if your carpet can be salvaged with repair and restoration.

Don’t Get Duped

Drying time really depends on the scenario. Another reason a professional assessment is recommended even for what might be considered small area damage, is that carpet is multi-layered and while you might have dried out so it is touch dry, the underneath sections could harbour moisture. Be aware that trapped water in carpets and fabrics, even in a small amount can turn into a monster migraine for you down the track! Mould could already have taken hold and the smells will soon follow.

Citrus Clean Water Damage Repair

After the remediation work is done, your carpet, rugs, upholstery and water damaged area should not only be free of any sign of water or moisture and it should be clean, dry and free of any odours. 

Our rapid area drying technology combined with our heated citrus-scented steam extraction system removes the water and odour leaving your carpets and upholstery clean and sanitised.

You’ll end up with a surface you’d be comfortable letting a baby crawl across, with no musty smell to remind you of something you’d rather forget.

We aim to get property owners returning to their clean, dry and citrus fresh sanitized home or business feeling safe in the knowledge that the restoration has been done to the highest standard.

Remember Citrus Clean Central Coast is your local water damage repairer so if ever you need rescuing from a water damage nightmare, you now know who you can call. Get in touch with us for an honest, reliable water damage repair service on 4392 0926.

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