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Fabric Protection

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MicroSeal fabric protection by Citrus Clean - Stain, mould, wear and sun fade protection.

Safe for your family, pets, belongings and the environment.

The Citrus Clean permanent fabric protection treatment by MicroSeal is premium surface protection formula that will protect the beauty, colour and life of your furnishings.

Protect your rugs, carpet, lounge, bedhead, outdoor furniture, auto, marine, commercial settings and is suitable for silk, leather and it’s wool safe too.

This treatment can be used on most household and commercial items such as:

  • sofa
  • lounge
  • dining chairs
  • carpet
  • rugs
  • curtains
  • blinds
  • leather
  • outdoor furniture
  • bedheads
  • hotels and club furniture
  • marine
  • aero
  • auto

It’s a wise idea to get newly purchased furniture and rugs treated with a permanent, non-toxic scotchguard treatment like Microseal.

Without fabric treatment your lounges, carpet, rugs and curtains are much more susceptible to sun fading, oily and liquid spills, general soiling and mould and bacteria build up.

MicroSeal seals all fabrics & carpets including wool, cotton, silk, suede and leather.

  • Environmentally friendly. MicroSeal – No Flourochemicals or PTFE Resin (non-stick).
  • Wool safe
  • It has high-level permanency and dramatically increasing the life of all natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • MicroSeal seals all fabrics and carpet, wool, cotton, silk, suede and leather.
  • It’s antistatic!
  • It reduces smoke and flame spread in the event of a fire.

Getting the Citrus Clean scotchguard using MicroSeal you can rest easy knowing it’s a fabric protection formula that is safe for you, your family, pets your belongings and the environment. 

If you have any questions about getting your belongings or floor treated, give us a call 4392 0926 to book your treatment or get a free quote.

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Heavy Duty

High traffic areas like foyers, halls and entry ways as well as food service areas take enormous punishment. Keeping them looking pristine and hygienic which is key to a good first impression and vital to your reputation.

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All Surface types

At Citrus Clean we specialise in carpet, curtains, upholstery, hard floors and tile and grout cleaning for commercial spaces. Using the latest technology we dissolve and extract contaminants and residue from carpet, fabric and tiled surfaces leaving them sanitised and citrus fresh.

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Timely & Trustworthy

Closing off areas for cleaning can be disruptive to your business and clientele. Central Coast Citrus Clean schedules our services around your peak periods and internal deadlines. Our qualified technicians are police and security screened. Our team will operate in your establishment with minimal disruption wherever possible.