Introducing Leather care by Citrus Clean


Professionals trained in leather upholstery care and cleaning. We can clean, condition, rejuvenate and carefully remove mould from leather furniture or clothing.

Your leather is in expert hands with Citrus Clean.

Professional leather cleaning and restoration within industry standards.

Leather is expensive and generally it’s a long-term investment. Whether it’s a luxury lounge or a prized leather jacket or bag.

How often do you see leather lounges on Facebook marketplace or kerbside for free? Almost never because of the cost to purchase the item in the first place. To keep leather in pristine condition, for its longevity and to retain its youthful appearance it must have regular maintenance Simply put, it needs upkeep to really last (almost forever!).

Introducing Citrus Clean leather care service for home, business, office, caravan, boat, truck, or vehicle.

Your leather is in expert hands with Citrus Clean.

We have the knowledge because we are trained in cleaning all types of leather. Fine leather should have expert mould removal and conditioning techniques applied to ensure a high-quality restoration is achieved.

Our customer service guarantee means that we always take the upmost care during the mould removal process right through to a professional conditioning process.

From scuff marks on your leather to unsightly mould, we will bring your piece back to its original condition both in feel and appearance. Leather is not a maintenance free investment which means it needs regular care to keep it looking fabulous.

Introducing Leather care by Citrus Clean 1

To keep leather in a pristine condition you can spot clean the item in between professional cleans. Our service provides a total rejuvenation of your leather, essentially bringing it back to its former glory.

Book the experts who are trained in stain removal and leather conditioning and cleaning to ensure you get a quality result.

If you aren’t sure what type of leather you have, give our team a call to talk about getting your leather the specialist care it deserves.

Imagine your leather being clean, soft, and revitalised!

To find out how our leather care service can improve the look, smell and longevity of your leather furniture or belongings call 𝟦𝟥𝟫𝟤 𝟢𝟫𝟤𝟨 to organise an obligation-free quote.

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