Pressure cleaning. The proper way.


At Citrus Clean we love the fact that this type of cleaning uses less water than a garden hose and that you can do it without harsh chemicals. But home pressure washer owners beware! Pressure cleaning needs to be done carefully to avoid causing damage to the surfaces that it’s pointed at.

Yes we need it to be done and home machines are okay for those in between cleans.

Professional pressure washing is next level cleaning and it minimises harmful bacteria becoming a major problem and extends the life of the surface, furniture or equipment.

It’s “next level clean” when done with commercial grade machines.

Invest in a ‘next level wash’, one that’s done under extreme pressure and blasts away scum without causing any surface damage. Citrus Clean have the right equipment for all job types and the expertise and experience to carefully restore your surfaces back to its original beauty.

Don’t risk damaging your belongings and surfaces, get the velocity stream expert’s in today for a pressure clean quote.

To get an obligation free quote for professional pressure cleaning services call by calling Citrus Clean on 4392 0926.

Pressure cleaning. The proper way. 1

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