Tile cleaning hack. Get grime free tiles the easy way.


Say goodbye to yucky mould in tile grout!

If you don’t have the time or inclination to get scrubbing on the unsightly grout and grimy tiles at your place, then our tile cleaning technicians at Citrus Clean will be your knights in shining armour! With our tile cleaning service we remove and effectively deal with the accumulation of limescale, grime, scum, mildew and mould from tiled surfaces.

Being porous, grout will absorb all the gunk over time, particularly wet areas which are more susceptible because they are exposed to moisture constantly. Mould build-up is common and freaking unsightly.

For bathrooms, wet area regular commercial grade cleaning will remove unwanted bacteria and mould build up not only transforming the look but also creating a healthier space and cleaner air.

The longer you leave dirty tiles dirty, the harder it will be to remove the build-up of layers and voila, you have stubborn stains. Almost any surface that has become embedded with dirt and grime, makes a DIY success almost impossible.

Just imagine no chipped fingernails, no risk of damaged tiles or cracking grout when you ditch the idea of DIY and simply call in the experts. Citrus Clean use eco-friendly products and have the specialist knowledge (and machines) to dramatically transform ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, stone surfaces, gloss tiles or marble surfaces.

Elevate the look of your tiles and transform ‘grotty grout to immaculate’ with a professional tile and grout cleaning.

Get a truly hygienic clean with our grout residue removal service for;

  • Laundry tiles
  • Shower tiles
  • Kitchen tiles and splashbacks
  • Floor to ceiling tiled bathroom or exterior tiled surfaces
  • Residential homes – improved aesthetics and hygiene
  • Commercial premises

We offer specialist advice for cleaning granite, slate, terrazzo, pavers, heritage or Victorian style tiles.

Take care with attempting DIY cleaning of grout or specialty wall tiles. If you are unsure of what type of tile surface you have at home or in your business premises, give us a call we are happy to make recommendations that best suit your tiled investment.

To get dazzling results and improve the aesthetics and air quality in your home get an obligation-free quote on 𝟦𝟥𝟫𝟤 𝟢𝟫𝟤𝟨.

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