The 8 Key Benefits of a Professional Carpet Clean

Deep carpet cleaning


What allergens and harmful bacteria live in your carpet? 8 key benefits of a Citrus Clean deep clean.

The price to replace floor coverings can be terrifying so it’s important to look after your home or business’ investment. Regularly booking a deep carpet clean and having major stain removal done professionally takes the stress out of it for the customer, gives peace of mind knowing germs have been destroyed, it smells amazing and the stains vanish!

And the award for the most common customer pitfall goes to… DIY stain removal. Many customers end up rubbing in the stain, effectively making it even worse.

The 8 Key Benefits of a Professional Carpet Clean 1

The award for most common pitfall goes to… DIY stain removal

Having regular deep steam cleaning done by a professional cleaning company will extract soils and contaminates resulting in the home or business smelling fresh and clean as well as being sanitized and lengthening the life of the carpet.

Dust mites, micro-organisms like mould, dead skin cells (from humans and pets) are all contributing factors that cause a distinct and often unpleasant smell that lingers in your home, office or hotel.

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning helps remove the visible elements, but nothing beats the sanitising and restorative benefits of heated steam extraction to remove allergens and destroy other harmful micro elements.

Disaster DIY

Remember that time you thought of saving some dollars and attempting a DIY job on your carpet? You might have lugged the hired cleaning equipment to the car and back home then soon wondered what on earth you were thinking by doing it yourself and ended up in a massive tailspin! Most of us have been there. For others well, many end up not doing anything at all and just put up with dirty stained stinky carpet until they have to move house and the unseen creepy crawlies have wreaked havoc!

Why choose a professional carpet clean by Citrus Clean? 

Well firstly, Citrus Clean believe in providing good old fashioned service. We have over 20 years’ experience and our trained technicians have a detailed understanding of carpet, fabric and hard flooring surfaces. We stay updated with the latest in fabric care and stain removal techniques and we really do care about the end result for our customers.

So what are the 8 benefits of booking in with Citrus Clean Central Coast?

  • Customer service guarantee
  • Certified
  • Trained technicians/expert advice
  • Latest equipment
  • 20+ years industry experience
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Timely and considerate
  • Trusted by Central Coast locals for over 20 years.

We get jaw dropping results for happy customers by using state of the art equipment and the latest fabric care techniques that leaves flooring clean and sanitised with a subtle citrus fragrance. We also cater for customers who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities with our range of range of allergy relief products.

We are certified with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Continuous improvement is important to us as a business so our technician’s education and training are ongoing to ensure we keep up with the latest industry updates and best practice.

If you’re looking for a Central Coast carpet cleaner with a great customer service experience track record, contact the friendly team at Citrus Clean on 4392 0926 to chat about your carpet cleaning, upholstery or hard floor cleaning requirements.

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