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The Citrus Clean newsletter took a break for some time and when we decided to re-launch in 2023 we thought what a great time to give our new bundle of joy a newsletter name.

We asked our customers over a period of a few weeks to send us some Newsletter name ideas and we ended up with a winner ‘Citra Fresh’.

Signing up to get our newsletter and getting it sent to your inbox each month can be a great way to hear ‘what’s doing’ with the Citrus Clean team and Stay up-to-date with the latest cleaning trends. There will be some other twists that we throw in the mix to keep it interesting like Sharpies Fun Fact and on-the-job stories and pics (just for our subscribers).

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We care about what our customers have to say. That’s why we often ask for feedback and ideas. If you subscribe you will get the chance to have a say in things like we did with asking customers for news newsletter name recently and ‘Citra Fresh’ was selected from customer suggestions.

In conclusion, signing up for our newsletter can be a great way to stay informed about the latest cleaning trends, get exclusive cleaning hacks, save money on cleaning services, and learn how to maintain your carpets, floors and leather belongings.

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