The Magic Formula for Cleaning Hard Surfaces – Tile and Grout Cleaning

magic formula


The magic formula secret to transforming your tiled surfaces to new again.

The Magic Formula for keeping hard Surfaces Clean.

While they make them tough they sure do need a professional clean every once in a while so they don’t (literally) crack under the pressure. Floor tiles and hard surfaces we’re talking about.

These high traffic areas in homes and businesses alike tend to cop a beating and are sometimes the first to show signs of wear and tear.

First check if the ‘wear and tear’ is just dirt and grime. If you have tried to clean it yourself and it still looks drab it might be time to consider booking in a professional pressure clean.

Hard floor and grout stains can get very set in making it notoriously challenging to deal with yourself. To make things even more difficult, the dirt and grime usually gets into the hard to reach places that home equipment and chemicals just don’t cut it. Surface cleaning does just that, it only lifts the top layer of grime off your tiles and hard floors it doesn’t get the deeper ayers of grime. Our commercial grade machines and our skill and experience will get it into, and extract every bit of dirt build up and grease on your tiles and in the grout.

Tiles are porous just like our skin.  

So even though tiles are made of tough stuff doesn’t mean we don’t have to take care of them. Dirt, oils and bacteria can get ground into the tile grout and tile pores. Grime sets like cement becoming a grubby film across the top of your tiles and grout. Not all is lost because Citrus Clean Central Coast offers a tile & grout cleaning service that is second to none. Our skilled and trained technicians can remove built-up dirt, grime and mould, returning your tiled surfaces to new again.

Store purchased cleaning agents do a sufficient surface clean job but only a professional deep clean will penetrate those hard to reach places, remove bacteria and stains bringing the floor back to life looking like it’s former (much younger) sparkling self. The Citrus Clean process extracts contaminants from the pores of your tiles and grout leaving a lasting finish that is impeccably clean.

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These high traffic areas need a deep clean with a combination of high pressure and heat extraction done in addition to your regular cleaning routine. A professional deep clean will get down into the nitty gritty layers where built up scum has been trampled in over the years. A Citrus Clean pressure clean will lift the soils and contaminates out and bring the floor and grout back to life with a shine and sanitise leaving them sparkling clean.

It’s time to lift ALL of the grime off your tiles and grout give our team a call for a free quote. If you have a trouble spot or surface you need specialist advice we can also help you with that.

Sanitise home or business with citrus fresh steam clean every time.

Call 4392 0926 to book your floors in for the Citrus Clean makeover they deserve.


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