What needs a Pressure Clean?


Pressure cleaning. Rapid removal of scum, debris and mould by blasting water at high velocity. At Citrus Clean we love the fact that this type of cleaning uses less water than a garden hose and that you can do it without harsh chemicals. But DIY-ers beware! Pressure cleaning needs to be done carefully to avoid causing damage to the surface it’s pointed at.

Blasting away dirt from a surface without causing damage takes precision, experience and a high velocity pressure cleaning machine like the ones we use for our long list of happy customers.

Don’t risk causing damage to the surface. Pressure spraying the wrong way with the wrong force can result in cracks, damage and be quite costly to fix or replace.

It’s advisable to engage trained experts in this type of cleaning to ensure no damage is done to various surfaces and to ensure it’s done safely. Citrus Clean’s powerful pressure cleaning service takes half the time that an off-the-shelf domestic machine takes using less water and won’t damage the surface.

We have over 25 years helping home and business owners keep their surfaces and outdoor areas looking beautifully maintained with precision pressure cleaning.

What needs a velocity stream?

Anything that is constantly exposed to the elements will end up with layers of dirt, moss, mould, grime, stains and can be slippery or just unsightly.

What needs a Pressure Clean? 1

Regular pressure washing minimises harmful bacteria becoming a major problem and extends the life of the surface, furniture or equipment.

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